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Tichu Shall I Teach You About Tichu?

Legend has it that over 642 million Chinese play Tichu nearly every day! I don't know about that. All I know is that Tichu might very well be the world's best card game.

Tichu is a partnership game for four players where partners battle to be the first to play all of their cards and score points. Each hand is filled with strategy and risk. Will you be the first player to play all of your cards? Perhaps you'd like to make a little wager on that? Are you willing to risk 100 points? How about 200?

Tichu has long been the favorite card game of all time on BoardGameGeek. Find out why! I promise that you won't regret it!

Now this game is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and the critics agree! Tichu is awesome! Here's a sample of just some of the comments:

5 stars!

Tichu is my favorite game!
(Mary Prasad, contributor to The Dice Tower podcast)

5 stars! BGG's favorite card game becomes one of the best board game apps on the iPhone (and iPad).

(Sebastian Blanco, game reviewer for

5 stars!

Steve Blanding's Tichu is an excellent adaptation of an excellent card game. I expect it to remain one of my most-played iGames for a long time.
(Shannon Appelcline, iOS Game Developer & Game Reviewer)

5 stars!

Beyond awesome!

(Pat Sweeney - Tichu lover and all-around good guy)

5 stars!

A portable gaming experience that is not to be missed by card game fans.

(Greg Swarthout - game reviewer)

5 stars!

Steve Blanding has done it again. He is an iPhone card game programming ninja.

(EvilTimmy - highly perceptive individual)

Here's what Tichu looks like on the iPhone and iPod touch:
(On an iDevice, use two fingers to scroll to the right and see more.)

the splash screen the welcome screen use Shake-A-Hint™ to get play suggestions highly configurable AI  detailed in-game documentation extensive tutorial linked play over Bluetooth the score sheet is just a touch away

And this is what Tichu looks like on the iPad! (Click on an image to view  full size.)
(On an iDevice, use two fingers to scroll to the right and see more.)

beautiful high resolution cards hopefully you won't see this screen too often detailed statistics learn from the extensive tutorial full in game documentation the computer calls "Tichu!" playing the Dog

Tichu boasts the following great features:

  • Fully licensed and authorized by designer Urs Hostettler and publisher Fata Morgana Spiele.
  • Computer controlled opponents boast a challenging and lifelike Artificial Intelligence that is configurable in numerous ways.
  • Up to 4 humans can play linked over Bluetooth or Game Center.
  • Extensive tutorial and in-game documentation will teach you how to play and have you playing like a champ in no time.
  • Shake-A-Hint™ feature helps you play while you learn.
  • Track your statistics over multiple game sessions.
  • Keep track of your game's progress with a fully automated score sheet.
  • Play in English or German.
  • Optimized high resolution images for iPhone 4 and iPad.
    (It also looks fantastic on older iPhones and iPod touch.)

Here's a small taste of what it looks like in motion:

Do you have any questions? Do you think that you have encountered a bug? Then please feel free to consult the FAQ which you will find by following this link:

Frequently Asked Questions About Tichu

Tichu is a card game published by Fata Morgana Spiele. It was brought to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch by Steve Blanding. It requires OS 3.1.3 or later. Not all devices support Game Center. Game Center related functionality (achievements, leaderboards, and wide-area networked games) requires a device that is capable of supporting it.

Download it from iTunes by clicking here:

Download Tichu!

For a fascinating look at some of the things that went into the making of this game, read Steve's article on Bringing Tichu to the iPhone Family!

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